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Detective Tess Dane is back on a whole new case...

This book is a crime thriller and includes some topics that may be troubling for some readers. There is mention of past, off-page, infant loss/stillbirth. Please read with care.

“Everything that came pouring out of their mouth was untrue. A full on River of Lies!”

When a 9-1-1 call comes in about a missing pregnant woman, Detective Tess Dane is on the case searching for clues about the woman’s disappearance.

Everyone typically suspects the spouse first, but did he really have anything to do with his wife’s disappearance?Tess isn’t so sure. But if the missing woman's husband is innocent, then where is she? Did she run away from her old life to start a new one? Was she kidnapped in a burglary gone wrong? Or was she the victim of a more sinister crime?

The clock is ticking and the deeper Tess digs for the truth, the more lies she uncovers.

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Police Officer Tess Dane never thought that reporting to work one cool October morning would change her life forever. When her name is found scrawled at a gruesome crime scene, she is teamed up with her old partner, Detective Denny Haywood.

As Tess and Denny work through the evidence and clues left at the scene, a mad man is busy at work, setting about his ultimate revenge. While Tess struggles to find not only the killer, but why her name was found at the scene, they get a call. Another body has been found, tortured beyond belief.

It’s now a race against time to catch a killer who will stop at nothing to finish his murderous plan. As the body count rises, the danger is getting closer to home. Can Tess and Denny catch him before it's too late?

TW: This is a crime thriller and discusses off-page, non-graphic depictions of sexual assault/drug and alcohol abuse/suicide/child neglect of a secondary character. Reader discretion is advised.

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Author Fun Facts

  1. I was home schooled K-12 and have 4 college degrees, including 2 BS in forensics.
  2. I am left-handed!
  3. I've enjoyed writing since I was just a little girl. It's been a lifelong dream to become an author. I've written multiple short stories but The Blood Eagle is my first novel.
  4. I love listening to true crime podcasts. My favorites are Morbid:A True Crime Podcast, Obituary with Spencer Henry and Madison Reyes, Invisible Choir, and Gruesome: Horrific True Crime
  5. I hate the taste of cinnamon.